Neck Milling Machine

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Product description

The machine is composed of two main parts: the frame conveyor and the blade-operating equipment.
When the level photocell detects the bottle, the latter is “captured” and blocked by two moulds: the revolving blade is lowered with a vertical motion on to the bottle in order to abut its mouth. A suction mozzle removes the chips from the cutting area.
The standard machine is supplied equipped with:
  • milling unit
  • protection guards as per CE laws
  • conveyor belt
  • electropneumatic equipment
  • PLC with operator panel LCD
  • exhaust fan for chips
  • stainless-steel scraps container


  • weighting station
  • bottle height check
  • bruschless head control
  • inspection camera


  • Approx production: 1200-2000 pcs/h (dependeng on bottle features)
  • Thickness of bottles in the cutting area: max 1,5 mm
  • Diameter of the neck: max. 80 mm
  • Maximum ovality: +/- 0,5 mm
  • Bottle temperature before cutting: min 20° C max 50° C
The above data are to be intended as a mere indication. Indeed, they may vary considerably depending on the type of product to be cut.


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