Multipurpose machine for cutting, capping and labelling tubes

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Product description

The MULTI-PURPOSE MACHINE is a machine that operates in automatic mode carrying out the following activities on
cylindrical containers (tubes) of pre-set dimensions: leak testing, cutting the base, insertion of pressure cap, labelling with
adhesive paper.
The tubes are placed, by means of a transport system with slots , who moves in steps, towards the leak testing station .
The leak test is carried out by a pneumatically actuated cylinder, the end of which is connected to a test head; the test
head closes the tube neck and supplies compressed air to it pressurising it to the set pressure. After the test time, the tube
is depressurised, the head detaches, and the tube is transported to the next cutting station where the bottom is removed
by rotation of a special tool .
The tube, leaving the cutting unit, arrives at a station consisting of a rotating drum to continue with the subsequent
processes: capping (by screw or by pressure), labelling (with the possibility to place the label in a set position with respect
to the cap’s mark).
The bottle is then deposited vertically on the outfeed conveyor .


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