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Product description

The CAPPING SYSTEM is an automatic machine which allows positioning a plastic cap on a container (jerry can) opening and then tightening it.
The containers coming from the machine upstream, on the conveyor belt, are sent towards the capping unit.
The purpose of the capping unit, provided with the cap coming from the conveyor belt, is to place the cap on the mouth of the container via the capping head. The cap is then tightened through the rotation of the head.
The caps are supplied by a circular feeder located upstream of the cap conveyor belt.
After the tightening process, the containers are transported to the outfeed on the conveyor belt and unloaded into special containers.


• Max width 1288 mm
• Max height (excluding the control panel) 2532 mm
• Max length 2067 mm
• Weight 300 kg
• Power supply 400 V
• Control power supply 24 Vcc
• Power installed kW 2,0


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