Intermittent Rotary Bottle Leak Testing System

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Product description

The INTERMITTENT ROTARY BOTTLE LEAK TESTING SYSTEM is an automatic operation machine that allows simultaneous leak testing of a group of plastic bottles.
The intermittent rotary leak tester consists of a pneumatic test unit for checking the bottles, a step-handled carousel for positioning the bottles, and of a bottle infeed and outfeed conveyor belt.
The bottles are sent toward the infeed section of the leak tester, which consists of a conveyor belt that guides the bottles towards the carousel.
The carousel has radial grooves hosting the bottles and rotating by steps. It collects the group of bottles from the infeed
conveyor belt and positions it near the leak tester unit.
The leak test is carried out by pneumatically actuated cylinders, the ends of whom are connected to the test heads; the test heads close the tube necks and supply compressed air to them pressurising them to the set pressure. After the test time, the bottles are de-pressurised and the heads come off, so that the bottles can be conveyed towards the output section, under which there is the conveyor belt.
The suitable bottles continue along the conveyor belt, while the defective ones, previously marked by the control system, are expelled.
This leak tester can be installed on existing transmission lines without making any kind of change.


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