Rotary machine for milling, cutting and testing

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Product description

The BOTTLE CUTTING, MILLING AND LEAK TEST - INTERMITTENT ROTARY MACHINE is a machine that operates in automatic mode cutting, milling and leak testing plastic bottles.
The infeed bottles are taken towards the shaped carousel by the conveyor belt.
The carousel rotates in steps and positions the bottle in a sequential manner under the cutting station, under the milling station and under the leak tester heads spread along the circumference of the wheel.
During the cutting phase the dome of the bottles is removed and distanced by an air jet.
Upon completion of the operation the bottle advances towards the subsequent bottle neck milling station.
During the milling operations the plastic chips are sucked by an extractor and collected in a special container.
When milling has been completed the bottle is positioned by the shaped carousel under the leak tester unit.
The bottles that have not passed the test are expelled.


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