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The ON THE FLY BOTTLE LEAK TESTING SYSTEM is is an automatic device that checks for micro-holes in plastic bottles with capacity from 0 to 5 l in the standard versions .
The machine is basically designed to perform two tasks: to increase hourly production without changing the number of test heads and to check bottles with shapes that are difficult to process, such as bottles of elliptical section bottles and narrow base that could accumulate causing downtime .
The standard machine consists of a pneumatic test unit for checking the bottles, a screw for transporting the bottles and a conveyor belt for feeding the bottles and removing them from the test unit.
The pneumatic control unit can have one or more pneumatic drive cylinders depending on the required hourly
Thanks to its flexibility, it is possible to integrate the On the Fly L eak Tester into existing conveyor lines.
The machine tests several bottles at once but the rejection of non-compliant bottles is individual, thanks to the individual check performed for each of the test heads.


  • clogged neck control system
  • weight control system
  • piece-counter with pneumatic deviator
  • kit for checking bottles with inclined necks


  • Fluid supply: compressed air
  • Line pressure: 5-6 bar
  • Average test time: 1 second per liter
  • No. of test heads: 1 to 8 heads


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