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Product description

The control system of artificial vision is based on a concept, modular and expandable, for the verification of the quality  of plastic bottles and the management of the production.
The artificial vision inspection system provides the inspection of the finish/seal, the base and the lateral side of a lot of
different kind of plastic bottles of different size and shape, as well as translucent, opaque and colorized.
The innovative electro-optical solution, based on several modular high resolution color cameras, in conjunction with
a dedicated lighting units, starting from the inspection with a single camera of just the mouth, until the inspection with
seven cameras for the whole coverage of the bottle.
The special software tools are able to:
  • measure the shape, the diameter of the mouth and/or of the base;
  • detect the typical cosmetic defects as contamination, flashes, folds, black and opaque points, shape error or deformation and the presence of the sprue outside or inside the bottles;
  • label and graphic analysis in order to detect error of the label position, partial or total missing decoration, scratches, color variation and dirty presence.


From one to seven cameras (full modular configuration)
Dedicated new generation LED illumination
High resolution color Matrix Cameras with industrial optics
Touch Screen with high resolution panel
Typical speed of the line: about 200 Bottles/min
Minimum defect size: less than 0.2 mm
Accuracy of the measurements (diameter): less than 0.1 mm
Shape error: about 0.5 mm2


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