Rotary intermittent filler machine with capper

Products info

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Product description

  • Can be used for alimentary liquids and chemicals, capacity up to 2 lt
  • Availability of up to 3 dosing nozzles
  • Dosage measuring system with magnetic or mass-flow meters
  • Production could change depending on type of liquid or bottle to fill
  • Possibility of picking the cap with a Pick & Place, pull or vertical deposit system for oval caps
  • Fast format regolation
  • N° 7 knobs for the complete disassembly of bottle’s star kit
  • Recipes storable through the operator panel
  • Production up to 800 pcs/h 1 lt bottle (may vary based on the type of bottle and the liquid to be dosed)
  • Capper with magnetic or electric torque control
  • Bottle star movement through rigid table, motor and torque limiter
  • Possibility to make the machine compatible with aggressive liquids
  • PVC guard and tank
  • PVC valve bodies and Titanium G2 metal parts
  • Flow meters compatible with acid
  • Painting of any exposed metal parts with a suitable ceramic-based product


  • Dimensions (excluding bottle coveyor and cap vibrator):
  • Length: 1300
  • Depth: 1300
  • Height: 2000


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