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THE WEIGHING SYSTEM is piece of equipment that, installed downstream of a thermoplastic bottle-manufacturing machine, conducts weight checks on them with reliability and precision.
The weighing system can be equipped with a control unit that allows, through the camera, checking the shape of the mouths of the bottles that undergo weighing.
The main components of the weighing system with control unit are listed below:
- Weighing line with belt unit and weighing terminal;
- Control unit.
The operating principle of the weighing system with control unit is based on a simple sequence of movements:
The bottles on the feed belt and arriving from the upstream machine are retained by a specific gate to control the bottles
that have already passed through. As the bottle passes in front of the first photocell, the unit checks the shape of its neck by capturing the image. The bottles that pass the check are weighed in front of a second photocell installed near the reject blow system. If the bottle fails either the shape check or the weight check, the nozzle rejects it by blowing compressed air.
The weighing system can be equipped with an interface for connection with the blowing machine. Using algorithms and
specific customizations, you can work directly on the blower if the weights


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