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Product description

THE QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM CCQ 220 is a device which allows carrying out accurate and reliable the seal and control tests on jerry cans up to 220lt of capacity.
The jerry cans are sent to the leak tester unit on a conveyor belt.
The leak test is carried out by a pneumatically actuated cylinder, the end of which is connected to a test head; the test head closes the jerry can neck and supplies compressed air to it pressurising it to the set pressure.
After the test time, the jerry can is depressurised, the head detaches, and the jerry can is transported to the output section.
Once the test is completed, the containers deemed suitable proceed along the conveyor belt toward the weighing station, whereas the defective ones are immediately expelled.
In the weighing station, the jerry can is kept on the load cell for the time necessary for the detection of its weight.
If the latter falls within the set tolerance range, the container is considered qualitatively valid and proceeds towards the outfeed, otherwise it is rejected.


• Max width 1970 mm
• Max height 2200 mm
• Max length 4000 mm
• Weight 950 kg
• Compressed air supply 5/6 bar
• Max load cell capacity 50 kg
• Power installed kW 1,5
• Division 10 gr
• Testable hole 1 mm


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