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Product description

The tray is picked up by a pusher and trasported under the pallet collecting table ready to receive the bottles. A convoyer feed belt, equipped with a count photocell, takes the bottles under the pickup grips of the pallet collecting table preparing the row for pickuop. The pallet collecting table picks up the bottles, places them in the tray and then returns for the next row.
At the same time, the pusher moves the tray so the next rows can be deposited correctly. Once the filling is over, the tray is unloaded at the outfeed on an accumulation roller track.


  • Bottle type that can be palletized: 0 - 5 lt
  • Max production (pieces/h): 4800
The hourly production of the machine varies on the basis of the type of bottle
  • Tray storage unit capacity: 14
The capacity of the infeed Tray storage unit varies on the basis of the height of the trays
  • Installed power: 3.5 Kw
  • Tray dimensions type 1: 800x1000 (mm)
  • Tray dimensions type 2: 800x1200 (mm)
  • Tray dimensions type 3: 800x600 (mm)
  • Overall dimensions: 2830 x 2260 x 2690
The machine is supplied equipped with:
  • pusher
  • bottles feed belt
  • bottles pallet collecting table
  • compactor
  • trays accumulation roller track


  • Tray storage unit (stacker)
  • System device for bottle rotation
  • Automatic tray unloader from pallet collecting table


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